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From Garden Woodcraft
House Signs Carved in Oak

Carved Oak Signs

Q.   What materials do you use for making your signs?
A.   Generally we use European or American White oak.

Q. What thickness will the signboard be?
A.  Unless the signboard is very small it will be either approximately 20mm or 25mm thick.

Q.  Are the letters painted on the surface or cut into the wood?
A.  Our carved signboards have the letters carved deep into the wood.  They are not sand blasted or laser printed, but actually carved using modern CNC routing equipment. 

Q.  What do you use to paint the carved letters?
A.   We use the very best quality paint - signwriters enamel paints.  We notice very often our competitors using cheap craft paint normally only suitable for interior use.  We want our products to last you through the years and for that reason we only use the best.

Q.  How do you finish your signboards?
A.  We give all our signboards three coats of Yacht varnish or Danish oil. 

Q.  Can I choose whether it is finished in Danish oil or Yacht varnish?
A.  Yes, please let us know at the time of ordering.


Engraved Brass Plaques

Q.   What sizes of brass plaques can you produce?
A.   Standard thickness is 1.5mm although we can engrave 3mm for large works. We can engrave up to 600m x 400mm.  At this size we would recommend 3mm thickness.

Q.   What finish can I expect to have on my plaque?
A.    By default all our plaques are bright polished.  Infill is black but we can use alternative colours if you require it.  Please contact us to discuss colour requirements.

Q.   Can I submit my own design to you?
A.    Yes, we will be glad to receive your design in digital format.  We will normally need to carry out some work on the design to prepare it for production.  Sometimes customer designs are not suitable for reproduction and if this is the case we will discuss it with you before proceding.

Q.   Can I have a hadrwood backing plinth for mounting my plaque on?
A.   Yes, we provide normally oak backing plinths.  We produce backing plinths to suit the dimensions of the brass plaque.  Generally speaking the plinth will be 24mm wider and higher than the brass plaque and will have a profilled edge all around.


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